10 Ways To Treat Yourself While On a Budget


Treating ourselves is so important not only for our happiness but also for our mental health as well. We live in such a busy world where we are constantly on the go, speed walking from point A to point B, eating at our desk, and putting others needs before ours. Since becoming a mom, especially the early newborn days, caring for myself was simply just out of the question and I am pretty sure, there were a few meals that I barely chewed my food because I was racing against time to grab a bite before Harper woke up from her nap. Now that she is older and is "less" high maintenance, I really make an effort to allocate same time after she goes down for the night, for some well deserved ME time. Here's are some of my favourite ways to treat myself while on a budget. Everything listed below is extremely wallet friendly and some of these items, you may already have in your house. 

1. Call it an early night & get some well rested sleep. You will be surprised a good night sleep, will make such a huge difference on your mood which will in turn, will make you a much happier person and you will be more than ready to conquer the day. 

2. Take a relaxing bath with some epsom salts or bath bombs (whatever you have in the house) and while you are at it, light a candle and while you're at it as well, put on some relaxing tunes. 

3. DIY face mask & body scrub. Nothing screams relaxation to me than doing a face mask

4. Cuddle up with a warm beverage or any beverage of your choice and catch up on your favourite shows or movies. 

5. Go for a walk on a scenic trail or if you live by a lake, that would be a great spot too!

6. Give yourself a manicure & pedicure because after all, who doesn't feel like a million bucks with freshly painted nails. 

7. Bake or pick up a special treat for yourself and most importantly, do not share & eat it all!

8. Do some yoga. Don't want to pay for drop in classes? No problem! Go to YouTube, search yoga, and there will be hundreds and hundreds of videos available for your choosing. 

9. Buy yourself some flowers from your favourite shop, stop & smell the roses. 

10. Pick up a good book or browse through your favourite magazine


How do you girls treat yourself while on a budget? Share your favourites below

xo Cherrie