Spring Skincare Routine

spring skincare routine

Hey guys, hope everyone is having a very wonderful morning so far. On today’s blog post I am sharing with you my spring skincare routine geared specifically for my dry girls. All of the products below I have such strong & intense love for and has really made such a big difference in the overall complexion and feel of my skin.

Mad Hippie Cream Cleanser - this cleanser was seriously love at first wash. I love that it has a creamy consistency which is so ideal for my dehydrated skin. It truly does exactly what it calms - gently cleanses the skin while leaving it so hydrated and glowy. Kindly note, if you are looking for a cleanser that removes a full face of makeup, this isn’t your girl but for the everyday use, this is simply perfect.

sarisha beauty
saris beauty green superfood clay mask

Sarisha Beauty C1 Green Superfood Clay Mask - in addition to the one I am going to list below, this is one of my top 2 favourites in terms of clay mask. After 1 application, it made my skin noticeably softer, smooth and left such a healthy & radiant glow that you guys know I yearn for. I also really enjoy the DIY aspect of it as the product does come in a powder form and you are to mix with your liquid of choice i.e rose water, maple syrup, water, or a facial oil to customize the mask based on your skin needs. This would also be a great product for a cute mask & wino night with your girlfriends or just because you want to simply treat yourself. This contains some amazing superfoods such as spirulina, matcha powder, guava extract, made with all natural ingredients as well as it is cruelty free.

Pixi Beauty Glow Mud Mask - this mask really does exactly what it claims: brightens, draws out the oils, evens out complexion, provides such a beautiful glow and the price is just right! I really love how my skin feels after using this mask and if anyone is looking for an affordable drugstore mud mask, I highly highly recommend this one!

mad hippie

Mad Hippie Hydrating Nutrient Mist - I have strong feelings about this mist. Like real strong. It contains so many wonderful ingredients that aids in reducing skin discolouration, provides hydration, decreases redness, reduces wrinkles and also has anti aging properties. Every time I use this product on my face, it honestly feels like my skin drank a gallon of water. Left my skin feeling so soft, plump and so hydrated. If you can get anything from this blog post, you need to run and get this immediately. Your skin will thank me

happy rose quartz facial roller

Happy Rose Quartz Facial Roller - Where do I even begin with this beautiful tool. If you cannot already tell by now, I am a huge fan of pink & it probably has turned into a sick obsession. When I laid my eyes on this Happy Rose Quartz Facial Roller, I needed a moment of silence. A moment of silence to appreciate its full beauty. I absolutely love how this makes my skin feel while I am using it to not only massage my face but also distribute my creams & serums evenly onto my skin. There are so many beautiful benefits of using a rose quartz facial roller which can reduce puffiness, combats wrinkles, decreases dark circles, increases blood circulation and improves skin elasticity. When my skin is inflamed (hello eczema) I make sure I put my facial roller in my fridge before using it so that it gets super cold which helps calm the redness.

skin essence nourishing facial  moisturizing serum

Skin Essence Organics Nourish Facial Moisturizing Serum - I’m not sure what magic they put in this serum but whatever it is, I’m all for it. It penetrates deep into my skin providing all the hydration that it is lacking, leaving it super soft and plumped. I apply this on damp skin (very important) and it just drinks it right up. I’ve tried probably 3 really popular and hyped facial oil/serum but this one hands down absorbs the quickest, leaves and keep my skin hydrated.

Pixi Beauty Rose Ceramide Cream - Super rich face moisturizer that is infused with rose oil which helps provide deep hydration to the skin. I love the light rose scent and most importantly how my skin feels afterwards - so soft, plumped and hydrated.

xo Cherrie