Meriance Collagen Review

meriance collagen review

Hey girls, I hope everyone is having a fabulous start to their morning. As some of you girls may already know, I take the health of my skin very seriously. To some, maybe too serious. Much like nourishing your body with nutrient dense and wholesome foods, we tend to neglect the largest part of our body that protests us from all the germy invaders which is our skin. Our skin’s needs changes all the time and for varies reasons such as per season (this is when we will need to either provide more or less hydration), changes in diet and as we age as well. Aging is inevitable but it is never too soon to take proactive steps to slow down signs of aging. I don’t know about you, but I am trying to preserve my skin as much as I possibly can because who doesn’t want beautiful and youthful skin? Me, me, and me!

anti aging skincare review

When Meriance Collagen approached me with this collaboration, I was beyond excited as nothing comes close (except my sweet daughter and maybe my husband) brings me more excitement than testing out new skincare products. Meriance Collagen is a luxurious skincare company located in beautiful Quebec here in Canada where they are known for formulating their skincare products with the highest amount of anti aging molecules therefore providing the best and fast results for our skin. Other than supporting local brands, I really love that they take pride in manufacturing all their products here in Canada with noble and natural ingredients.

They were so graciously enough to send me their full Anti-Aging Skincare Kit which includes the following products:

  • Rejuvenating Serum

  • Native Collagen Serum

  • Anti-Aging Collagen Cream

  • Night Repair Cream

  • Eye Contour Cream

skincare review

After receiving this beautiful package from them, I knew I wanted to put it to the ultimate test so I switched out my current skincare products and incorporating all of the goodies that they sent me. My first impression is that I really adore how they put so much thought into the packaging of their products. It is so incredibly chic, sleek, and the bottle curves naturally as how your hand would curve when you are holding the product. The serums does have a slight medical scent to them (which only lingers for a few seconds) but this is because they use high concentration of anti-aging ingredients.

meriance collagen anti aging skincare

After using all their products for 2 weeks straight, I really cannot say enough good things about it as it has changed the texture as well as the appearance of my skin in 2 short weeks. Due to my naturally dry & sensitive skin (it also doesn’t help because it is buurrr burr cold here in Toronto) it is very difficult for me to find skincare products that is not only effective but also provides enough hydration to my skin that it needs during these cooler weathers. In the previous years during this time, my skin would be so dry, flaking, scaly and feels so tight like it is 2 sizes too small. However since I incorporated their Anti-Aging Skincare line, it feels like my skin drank a gallon of water and this is all thanks to the magical ingredient they used called collagen. The benefits of added collagen to skincare products are endless such as youthful & healthy skin (my favourite look - glowy and dewy), elasticity, reduces wrinkles and provides deep hydration. Our bodies naturally produces collagen however as we age, our ability to produce it decreases less and less which is why it is so incredibly important that we incorporate skincare products that has collagen added to the formulation. Along with my skin feeling so hydrated, it is noticeable more supple, smooth and the pigmentation around my nose has diminished. I have attached before and after photos before. Kindly note in both photos, I did not have any makeup on, no filter and images were not edited. Overall, I love all the products I received and would recommend it to my friends, family and anyone who wishes to give this brand a try.

Thank you so much to Meriance Collagen for collaborating and partnering with me on this blog post. Of course, all thoughts and options are 100% my own.

xo Cherrie